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OWSI Proposed Rate Increase
Hearing Delayed By WUTC

On April 12, the day before Olympic Water and Sewer, Inc.’s (OWSI) Water Rate Increase request was scheduled to be heard, the Washington State Utilities and Transportation Commission (WUTC) advised the Village Council (PLVC) that the request will not be considered until June 15 and that any increase would not be effective until June 19.

PLVC and other members of the Port Ludlow community had submitted requests to the WUTC that the hearing be delayed until additional information required under the Washington Administrative Code had been submitted by OWSI and sufficient time had been given for an evaluation of that information. Read the letter submitted by PLVC on April 11: PLVC_2023-04-11_WUTC-OWSI.php

The hearing on OWSI’s rate increase request was subsequently removed from the WUTC’s hearing docket for April 13 and was rescheduled for June 15.

Residents can submit comments to the WUTC prior to June 15 about OWSI’s rate increase request by referring to “Docket No. 230132” using the “Submit a Comment” feature at the Commission’s Web site at www.utc.wa.gov or by using the contact information below.

Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission
Post Office Box 47250
Olympia, WA 98504-7250
comments|||utc.wa|||gov|||Docket No. 230132

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The Port Ludlow Village Council was established in 1999 under the Washington Nonprofit Corporations Act for the purpose as a representative body for the residents of the Port Ludlow Master Planned Resort. Our function is to foster and preserve the quality of life in our Village in the Woods by the Bay.

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