OWSI Proposed General
Water Rate Increase


Further to OWSI’s proposed tariff revisions filed under Docket 230132, the Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission issued Order 01 at their June 15, 2023, open meeting.

The Commission orders:

  • The tariff revisions filed by Olympic Water and Sewer, Inc. on February 24, 2023, as revised on April 04, 2023, to become effective on June 19, 2023, on a temporary basis, subject to refund if it is determined that different rates will be fair, just, reasonable and sufficient.
  • Further investigation of OWSI’s books, accounts, practices, activities, property and operations.
  • The Commission will hold hearings as may be required.
  • The Port Ludlow Village Council’s Petition to Intervene is granted.

With the granting of the Village Council’s Petition to Intervene as a Party in this case, the Utilities Ad Hoc Committee will continue its efforts on your behalf to assure the WUTC Staff completes a thorough investigation to determine if these temporary rates are fair, just, reasonable and sufficient.

This order and other documents related to this case are available at the following link.




The Port Ludlow Village Council was established in 1999 under the Washington Nonprofit Corporations Act for the purpose as a representative body for the residents of the Port Ludlow Master Planned Resort. Our function is to foster and preserve the quality of life in our Village in the Woods by the Bay.

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