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Block Captains

North Bay: Block-Captains.pdf 7/28/23
South Bay: Block-Captains.pdf 7/28/23


PLEM (Port Ludlow Emergency Management)

The mission of PLEM is to manage the following functions: first, to educate residents on how to prepare themselves in case there were a disaster; second, if an emergency took place, to be a communications vehicle between the community and Jefferson County; and third, to organize and facilitate neighborhood and community-wide self-help efforts in the event of a disaster. There are 35 established response neighborhoods, four communication centers and almost 100 volunteer block captains who have radios to assist in performing these functions.

Emergency Preparedness Committee (EPC)

The mission of the EPC is “...to provide the residents of Port Ludlow with important information that can assist them in preparing for a disaster or emergency and in dealing with it effectively in the event one occurs." Find more information here.


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