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Remember your Annual Members meeting will be held 3 – 5 pm on Thursday, October 5 in the Bay Club Auditorium, 120 Spinnaker Place. Refreshments will be served. We look forward to seeing you there.


Port Ludlow Wildfire Guide

PLVC Emergency Management Committee

8/10/23: At last week’s PLVC meeting, Chief Bret Black shared information about the recent brush/wildfire on Beaver Valley Road north of Port Ludlow.

Thanks to a collaborative effort and equipment from the Washington State Department of Natural Resources (DNR), Jefferson County Sheriff Deputies and fire departments from Kitsap, Clallam, U.S Navy, and Quilcene, East Jefferson Fire Rescue was able to bring the fast-moving fire under control in a matter of hours with no loss of property or life.

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Be Aware:

  • Have the Nixle alert system on every cellphone in your household. To set up, send the following text “JEFFCODEM” to 888777 and follow instructions to have it on your phone. Alternatively, go to Jefferson County Department of Emergency Management website, https://www.co.jefferson.wa.us/1066/alerts-warnings, scroll down to the box to “sign up for alerts” and enter your mobile number information, then follow instructions.
  • You may also receive a WEA notifications (“Amber Alert”) on your phone. It starts with a loud tone and then a message. You do not have to sign up for these FEMA Wireless Emergency Alerts as they are automatically on all cellphones through the carrier and are sent based on cell tower location.
  • The (Nixle alert and WEA notification) are the ONLY ways to be notified. Neither the Bay/Beach Clubs nor the Port Ludlow Block Captain program are automatically notified of wildfires due to the need for first responders to be addressing the fire and radio operators are not located at these facilities 24-7.
  • Have an “Evacuation List” on the wall going out to your vehicle. Always keep your gas tank at least half full to be able to evacuate quickly. The blue Think, Plan, Do booklet, Click Here, pages 14-15, has excellent “Grab and Go” lists of what needs to be taken. Your personal “Bug Out List” should probably include your desktop computer if it stores historical records, family pictures or other unreplaceable items. Do not forget cash, prescriptions and their scripts, and pet supplies.
  • Use PUD Website. After you have received a Nixle wildfire alert message, status reports on power outages and major road closures can be obtained by logging on to the PUD website, https://www.jeffpud.org/. Scroll down to orange highlighted box. The status of outage will be shown there. Also, in the upper right corner of the webpage, click on triangle with exclamation point in it. You will then see a map indicating where there are power outages throughout the PUD service area. Previous use of Twitter has been discontinued.
  • KPTZ, FM 91.9, from Port Townsend may also give updated information, but it is likely to be centered on the area up near that town. Reception can be limited in the Port Ludlow houses, but in a car, it may be a source of broader area information.
  • If the Nixle text message indicates a Level 1 or 2 Alert, Aware and Prepare, and the wildfire appears to be heading in your direction, DO NOT WAIT, but collect your Grab & Go materials and evacuate NOW. Go AWAY from the fire for at least an hour.
  • If the Nixle text message indicates a Level 3 Alert, Evacuation, or a sheriff in your neighborhood is directing you to leave, do it quickly and get directions on routes to go from the sheriff. You should know at least two escape routes and prepare your Grab & Go items to be able to leave your house in ten (10) minutes.
  • Use text messages instead of voice cellphone calls During a wildfire emergency event. Cellphone services will be overloaded, but texts may get through.

OWSI Proposed General
Water Rate Increase


Further to OWSI’s proposed tariff revisions filed under Docket 230132, the Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission issued Order 01 at their June 15, 2023, open meeting.
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The Commission orders:

  • The tariff revisions filed by Olympic Water and Sewer, Inc. on February 24, 2023, as revised on April 04, 2023, to become effective on June 19, 2023, on a temporary basis, subject to refund if it is determined that different rates will be fair, just, reasonable and sufficient.
  • Further investigation of OWSI’s books, accounts, practices, activities, property and operations.
  • The Commission will hold hearings as may be required.
  • The Port Ludlow Village Council’s Petition to Intervene is granted.

With the granting of the Village Council’s Petition to Intervene as a Party in this case, the Utilities Ad Hoc Committee will continue its efforts on your behalf to assure the WUTC Staff completes a thorough investigation to determine if these temporary rates are fair, just, reasonable and sufficient.

This order and other documents related to this case are available at the following link.


A 501(c)(3) Organization
Serving the Master Plan Resort of
Port Ludlow, Washington


September 2023
  • 7th 3 PM, Beach Club Bayview Room
    Board of Directors Meeting
  • 19th 3 PM, Beach Club Gallery Room,
October 2023
  • 5th 3 PM, Bay Club Auditorium
    Annual Meeting of Voting Mbrs
  • 17th 3 PM, Bay Club Conference Room,
More Info
  • Public Welcome
  • Join PLVC email list info|||plvc|||org|||Join Email List to receive notices and agendas for the Board Meetings.

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Treasurer Needed


An opportunity to serve your community with the Village Council is opening. The current Treasurer is ready to hand over the books after serving for 6 years. We’re looking for candidates to fill this position. You do not need to be a CPA or even an accountant. Some bookkeeping experience would be a plus, as would familiarity with QuickBooks. Our outgoing Treasurer will be on hand to assist with the transition.

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The duties include:

  • Maintaining the records of all transactions which varies from a handful most months to 100-200 during 2 peak fundraising months (September and December)
  • Preparation and presentation of financial reports at the monthly board meeting
  • Filing of the annual report to the Secretary of State (which is a simple 20-minute effort)
  • Filing the annual income tax return (which is literally a postcard)
  • Preparing the annual budget for Board approval in December

The books are maintained on the Council’s laptop computer. The time required to perform these duties range from 10-15 hours for most months to 25-30 hours in September and December. To be considered, you must be a Voting Member of PLVC (i.e., an owner of real property in the Port Ludlow Master Planned Resort who has voted in the prior election or has requested to become a Voting Member by simply voting in the upcoming elections in September). If you’re interested in being our next treasurer, please contact PLVC President, Dave McDearmid at president|||plvc|||org|||PLVC Treasurer.


The Village Council is an all-volunteer organization. Its committees and board provide many opportunities to serve the community. For more information contact info|||plvc|||org|||Volunteer Info


The Village Council relies on community donations to support its many activities. As a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, contributions may be eligible for a Federal Tax deduction.

Or, send checks made payable to PLVC and mailed to the PO Box listed below.


The Village Council is committed to keeping our residents informed. We discuss matters of interest to the community at our board meetings and send notifications via our email list. Join the email list: info|||plvc|||org|||Join Email List.


The Port Ludlow Village Council was established in 1999 under the Washington Nonprofit Corporations Act for the purpose as a representative body for the residents of the Port Ludlow Master Planned Resort. Our function is to foster and preserve the quality of life in our Village in the Woods by the Bay.

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Port Ludlow is vibrant and active with many clubs and organizations available where you can share your talents, learn new things, or simply maintain social connections.

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