PLVC Versions

ooo: Issue under consideration
xoo: Issue started
xxo: Issue completed
xxx: Issue tested


xxx Added second row to emergency mgmt cmte
xxx Added emg mgmt docs to docs/2023/04
xxx Published 4/16/23
----------- Carry Forward ----------------------
    Add is_local function
    Add article writing interface
    Add publish_date and unpublish_date
    Add YAML or similar capability to articles
    Add donation buttons
    Add voting interface
    Add self-registration for email list


xxx Forked from 0.1.1
xxx Add version control
xxx Incorporate 0.1.2 changes 
xxx Add php login security
xxx Add session and task control
xxx Automate front page meeting dates 
xxx Add direct links to individual committees
xxx Add block captain lists to Emg Mgmt cmte
xxx Add Cmte Hot Links to front page
xxx Suppress 'Website in Progress' article
xxx Suppress Recovered WordPress Emg Mgmt Post added to cmte page
xxx Put 'Redesign' page behind PW 
xxx Put 'Documents' page behind PW
xxx Suppress Diagnostic row on front page
xxx Released for publication 3/24/23


xxx Added trail map to front page and cmte page
xxx Released 3/14/23


xxx Incorporated workshop changes of 2/21/23
xxx Relaeased for public publication: 2/22/23


xxx Coded different banners for each main menu page
xxx Relaeased: 2/20/23


xxx Released for approval of board
xxx Relaeased: 2/17/23