OWSI Water Rate Increase
Further Update
December 8, 2023

This is a follow-up to the OWSI Water Rate Increase Update sent on December 1, 2023. As stated in that Update, this matter was scheduled for further consideration by the WUTC Commissioners at an Open Meeting that was held yesterday, December 7.

Last Friday, December 1, the Public Counsel Unit of the Attorney General of Washington submitted a letter for consideration by the Commissioners in connection with the Open Meeting. Click here to see a copy of that letter.

On Monday, December 4, WUTC staff filed a memo in connection with the Open Meeting, together with two Attachments. The first attachment was a copy of PLVC’s 9/26/2023 “Questions and Concerns” narrative that was described in the previous Update. Attachment 2 was staff’s written responses to those Questions and Concerns. Click here to see a copy of staff’s memo and here to see a copy of Attachment 2.

Both PLVC and OWSI also submitted letters on Monday, December 4. Click here to see a copy of PLVC’s letter and here to see a copy of OWSI’s letter.

After hearing oral comments from the parties at the Open Meeting yesterday, the Commissioners decided to allow the increased rates that were approved on a temporary basis on June 16 to be approved on a permanent basis. Click here to see a copy of the written Order that was issued today.

At a meeting yesterday of PLVC’s Board of Directors, the Board decided not to pursue formal clarification, reconsideration, rehearing, or judicial review of the Commissioners’ decision.