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New McCormick Trail

L-R Tim Rensema & Doug Huber
photo by Larry Scott

If you're one of the many Port Ludlow residents who enjoys the work of the Trails Committee, you'll be happy to hear there is a brand new trail in the works. The McCormick trail and McCormick loop will be partially in the Timberton area and will be 2.2 to 2.5 miles long. The trail uses part of an old lumber railroad track.

The Trails Committee chair, Larry Scott, with members of the committee, have been scouting and flagging the route, and work begins in earnest soon. The trail is expected to be ready for use in late 2023. There will be a new edition of the trails map produced. I'm sure all walkers and hikers in the area appreciate their hard work!


The committee mission is to preserve, promote, and protect Port Ludlow’s trails and natural resources. This includes maintenance of existing trails; developing new trails; promoting community awareness and appreciation of the established walking/bike trails; informing residents of their role in enhancing and nurturing the natural resources that abound in the area; and encouraging users to help maintain the trails.



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